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SLT Plastic Bag Ban To Take Effect in 2014

At the South Lake Tahoe City Council meeting on October 15th, the City Council passed an ordinance that will ban single-use plastic bags in the City. This ban will take effect for grocery stores and food vendors on January 15, 2014 and for all remaining retail establishments on October 15, 2014.

Being situated along shores of South Lake Tahoe, within one of the most sensitive watersheds in the country and known as one of the most popular recreation and tourist destinations in the world, the Sustainability Commission agreed single-use plastic bags should be eliminated in the community.

Tracy Franklin is the Public Information officer with South Lake Tahoe and explains that retails and customers do have options for bagging up goodies in Tahoe.

SLT Ban on plastic bags 1

The city was concerned that retailers may suffer some cost increased incurred by the ban but Franklin says they allowed for retails to recoup those costs.

            SLT Ban on plastic bags 2          

which fall below 40% recycled content by retailers within the City of South Lake Tahoe. 


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