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First Responder Training at Sacramento Zoo

The Sacramento Zoo with the Sacramento Fire Department, Sacramento Police Department and UC Davis Medical Center performed a safety exercise at the Zoo Monday afternoon. Mary Healy Director of the zoo explains how the Mass Casualty Safety Response exercise came about.

Zoo Exercise

At 2pm sharp the training exercise began with a call throughout the zoo of a small aircraft crashing into the stage canopy on the Zoo’s Reptile House Lawn. The fictitious crash injured 25-30 victims of various ages from a school group and Zoo staff. Details began coming in from all corners of the park on Land Park Dr in Sacramento.

Zoo Exercise

The Zoo stopped selling tickets at 12:30 Monday and all guests inside the Zoo were asked to leave by 1:30pm so the drill could be performed.

The Sacramento Zoo performs a minimum of four safety drills throughout the year in order to prepare for a variety of scenarios.

Lt. Charles Husted with the Sacramento police Department says this exercise is good practice for all emergency personnel.

            Zoo Exercise

No people or animals were injured in the drill. All Flamingos used in the exercise were the plastic lawn ornament sort and all were returned to their Flamingo sanctuary at the zoo.


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