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The Auburn SRA After Dark

The Auburn State Recreation Area (ASRA) is a treasure in Placer County and as a State Park there are rules for the safety of visitors who visit the park. One of those rules is that the park closed a half hour after dusk. For many of those who love the river and trails in the park during the day, also want to see the park at night with moon lit raft rides or mountain bike rides. Auburn SRA Park Superintendent Mike Lynch understands the temptation to want to be in the park after dark but says there is a good reason for such rules.

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Wednesday evening a group of local cyclists were enjoying the park when they came across ASRA Patrol who told them about the park being closed. Superintendent Lynch says organized groups can enjoy the park after hours with some preparation.

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To learn more about permitted uses in the Auburn State recreation area you can contact the Ranger Station at 530-885-4527.

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