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City of Auburn Moves Forward with Regional Sewer Plan

The Auburn city council had a full agenda Monday night and regional sewer was a consent agenda item that Mayor Kevin Hanley asked to remove from consent for discussion. Mayor Hanley says he wants to make sure his no vote on the city joining with the city of Lincoln and the County of Placer on a regional sewer system is clear.

The Mayor is concerned because he doesn’t see joining the regional sewer system amounting to reduced rates for Auburn sewer customers and he is also concerned about the language of the current contract regarding the city’s ability to sell capacity on a pipe line in the future.

            Mayor Hanley Votes No, again

The resolution would re-adopt the regional sewer pipeline resolution and funding agreement with the county and city of Lincoln. The resolution was passed on a 4 to 1 vote with Mayor Hanley the only no vote. The council met in council chambers Monday night at 1225 Lincoln way in Auburn.


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