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Funding Anti Panhandling Material

The Auburn City Council approved additional funding of the panhandling solutions pocket Guides being distributed throughout the county to educate residents about the issue of Panhandling .

In the city’s ongoing effort to reduce panhandling and facilitate services for our homeless population, representatives from the Gathering Inn, The Salvation Army, St. Vincent DePaul, the Auburn Interfaith Food closet, the Auburn 7th Day Adventist Church, the Placer county Sheriff’s Office and the Auburn Police Department have joined together to encourage residents to stop giving money to panhandlers. Auburn Police Chief John Ruffcorn makes a distinction between the truly needy and panhandlers. The latter often using your money for drugs and alcohol and not food.

 Panhandling guide 1

The Chief asked the council for $25 hundred dollars to print up the first edition of the small paper pocket guides with the slogan “Please help, don’t give’ The message meaning to give to our homeless advocate partners and not to panhandlers.

Chief Ruffcorn explains the first supply of pockets guides have been disturbed and the council’s approval of another $25 hundred dollars will go to a 2nd addition with more information.

Panhandling guide 2

For your information or to hand out if you or someone you knows have given cash to panhandlers in the past and you want to offer something to those that panhandle, you can get the pocket guides at the Auburn Police station at 1225 Lincoln Way n Auburn. You can also see an informational video on the city of Auburn position on Panhandling. The You tube link at: http://youtu.be/ulz1GEcWU50.

John RuffcornAuburn CA Please Help Dont Give

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  1. Katelyn Axten Reply

    July 25, 2014 at 8:21 am

    Hi I am an intern at the Milford, CT health dept and was wondering if you could share or send me a copy of your panhandling soultions pocket guide or any other useful information or materials to help with our campaign to address the rise of panhandling in our community.
    Katelyn Axten

    Public Health Department
    82 New Haven Ave.
    Milford, Ct

    (203) 783 – 3285 – Office
    (203) 623 9938 – Cell
    (203) 783 – 3286 – Fax

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