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Fire Fighter SAFER Grant Ending Next Fall

Auburn city Fire staff will be cut by 5 in the fall of 2014 without action. This was the message Auburn Fire Chief Mark D’Ambrogi presented in an overview of services provided and the organizational accomplishments over the last 12-months with the 5 additional firefighting personnel hired through the SAFER grant. Chief D’Ambrogi lists just a few of the advantages to the city of having the additional staff.

SAFER Grant 1

There is less than 1 year remaining on the SAFER grant which equates to $350 thousand dollars for wages and benefits for the 5 employees. The Chief is currently in the SAFER Grant application process and they won’t know if they qualify for additional grant funds until the end of the year if they receive any at all.

            SAFER Grant 3

SAFER stands for Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response and is administered through the Federal Emergency management Association.

Chief Mark DiAmbrogi

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