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Man Wanted by US Marshall is Arrested in Gold Run

Wanted on a US Marshall’s $100 thousand dollar warrant, a Stockton man was tazed and arrested in Gold Run Friday.

On November 29, 2013 at 10pm, Officer Sprague with the gold Run CHP Office observed a grey Dodge Challenger traveling on I-80 eastbound west of Gold Run in the # 2 lane, driving erratically, weaving and varying speeds.  Officer Sprague continued to monitor the vehicles erratic patterns for the next 2 miles and then initiated an enforcement stop at the Dutch Flat Off Ramp.  Officer Sprague contacted the driver and passenger and immediately detected the odor of Marijuana.  Officer Sprague conducted a vehicle search and located a small white bag with four plastic bags of Marijuana inside.  Officer Sprague requested the driver’s identification card and he initially related that he did not have one.  Officer Nave with the Gold Run CHP Office says upon further questioning, the driver pulled him driver’s license from his wallet and showed it to Officer Sprague.

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The Marshall’s Warrant was for $100 thousand dollars on 43 year old Daryl Marcus Pembrook of Stockton. Mr. Pembrook exited his vehicle and Officer Sprague re-contacted him and advised him that he was under arrest. Officer Nave says Pennbrook would not comply.

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Pennbrook was booked into the Placer County Jail.

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