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Mail Box thefts in Truckee

Truckee PD officers received numerous reports of mail being stolen or tampered with from residential mailboxes in the Glenshire area. Truckee residents are encouraged to promptly collect their mail from street-side mailboxes as soon as possible on a daily basis.

Sgt. Robert Womack with the Truckee Police Department says Criminals often use mailboxes as a source for collecting personal information to use for identity theft and encourages residents to take precautions to protect yourself by promptly collecting your mail after delivery.

Mail box thefts

Additional steps to consider include shredding your junk mail and old bills, and using the Post Office for your outgoing mail.

It is not unusual for mail theft to increase during the holiday season with the number of packages being shipped and delivered, as well as cash gifts being sent in holiday cards.

If you find yourself the victim of identity theft, you should report the activity to Truckee PD.

Truckee PD

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