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Truckee Chemical Explosion

On Sunday the 15th at about 2:30 pm, Truckee PD and Truckee Fire responded to a reported “grease fire” that caused heavy damaged to a Truckee home. Sgt. Robert Womack says fire fighters found a different cause for the fire.

            Chemical Explosion 1

The Sgt says this has become a common practice among some marijuana users looking for stronger THC content. 

Chemical Explosion 2

In the Truckee case, Anthony Garner (age 20) was transported to the hospital with moderate burns.  He was later medically cleared and booked into jail for felony charges involving manufacturing drugs, child endangerment, conspiracy to commit crimes, and maintaining a residence for manufacturing drugs.  3 other subjects (Kiev Watson-Akright age 22, Yvenel Casseide age 21, and Austin Coton age 21) were also arrested at the scene for felony charges including manufacturing drugs, child endangerment, and conspiracy to commit crimes.   All of the subjects were actively involved in trying to make hash oil.

Truckee PD

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