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How to Fix the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District

Strong leadership and smart budgeting are the goals moving forward for the Nevada County Consolidated Fire District. The District has been wracked with financial problems and now leadership problems, as the district is running without a full-time Chief.

According to Board Chair Warren Knox, Battalion Chiefs and community leaders are considering consolidation to save money and resources to better serve the area.

NC Consolidated Fire 1

Consolidated has a strong leader in Jerry Johnson but as many small city’s have learned, hiring a retired annuitant is a smart choice until their Cal-Pers retirement benefits are at risk. Consolidation could mean begin able to afford a full-time paid Manager for all 3 departments.

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Knox states the obvious when he says the District needs to bring in a true leader and that person is going to want to be compensated. The only way to do this would appear to be to consolidate the 14 in Penn Valley the 14 at Grass Valley and the 40 or so at Nevada County Consolidated under one leader.

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The topic of consolidation was discussed at a meeting of Battalion Chiefs Tuesday morning. Knox says he believes the idea was well received. Knox says no action in the direction of consolidation of agencies has been proposed.

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