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PG and E Cuts Water to PCWA by 50%

Reacting to the drought crisis, the Placer County Water Agency will hold a public hearing on February 6th to consider declaring a water shortage emergency in western Placer County.  The agency is expected to authorize actions to supplement water supplies where possible and at the same time to implement a plan to dramatically curtail water use by all PCWA irrigation and treated water customers served by its Western Water System. PCWA Director of Strategic Affairs Einar Maisch says these are dire circumstances for PCWA and its water users.

                PCWA Water emergency 1

Maisch says PCWA does have reserves but how long will they last.

                PCWA Water emergency 2

The PCWA Board of Directors on Thursday (Jan. 16) was told to expect water deliveries from its primary supply, the PG&E Drum Spaulding Project, to be less than 50 percent of normal.

The Board set the public hearing for Feb. 6 at 2 p.m. at the PCWA Business Center in Auburn.


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