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Water Conservation at Home

Governor Brown, PCWA and NID are all calling for a 20 to 25% reduction in water use to conserve what water we do have in reservoirs during this 3rd consecutive year of Drought. Andrew Twidwell Owner of ABT Plumbing says there are several things you can do to cut water use beginning with checking for leaks.

ABT Water tips 1                       

Twidwell says lawns are dormant so there is no reason to water grasses but if you must there are some strategies to make sure you are not over watering such as placing an empty tuna sized can in your yard. After watering check the can. If it is full you are over watering. The lawn only needs an inch of water.

And we all dread the words low flow shower head but Twidwell says new technology will reduce waste use and still provide the pressure you want.

                ABT Water tips 2                         

To learn more about Water conservation in the home see ABT’s 25 tips at www.easyasabt.com.

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