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Equestrians Upset Over Bike Pump Track Location

The proposed Auburn Bike Pump Track location crosses a State Park Hiking and Equestrian Trail and local equestrians are not happy about it. The 4 Auburn bike shops worked together over many months and gained approval for a location for a Pump Track in the city located on Maidu Drive. Their first choice near the Auburn Dam Overlook was rejected. The cons of costs outweighed the pros of the central location.

The ARD board reviewed all aspects of the alternate site on Maidu Drive and no one from the local equestrian groups voiced any concerns during public comment.

The Action Coalition for Equestrians Sierra Foothills Chapter or ACE is now asking for actions from its members to move the location for the pump. The reasons listed include: The proposed location straddles the historic Pioneer Express Trail, a CA State Parks hiking/equestrian-only trail that connects to the WST (Western States Trail.)

There is another option for location the Bike Pump Track on a 24 acre site at Regional Park in north Auburn, one that will not directly impact the safety of our trails.

Kahl Muscott with ARD says that is not an option.

ARD on bike park 1

Ace says If the facility is built at the Maidu Drive location there will be numerous problems from speeding/airborne bicyclists adjacent to existing trails and from bicyclists crossing the trail;

Loss of the beautiful, natural aesthetics of the area which currently has views of the beautiful American River Canyon;

Serious problems created for nearby residents including noise, traffic conflicts, and loitering;

A continual disturbance of soil that has been rated “most likely to contain NOA” (naturally occurring asbestos); and,

Increased safety issues on WST and Pioneer Express Trail from additional illegal use by bicyclists.

Muscott says they are working with various groups to move that portion of the trail

ARD on bike park 2

Muscott says they hope to finalize a new trail plan as soon as possible.


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