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PCWA at Auburn City Council

Representatives from the Placer County Water Agency or PCWA presented their report to Auburn City Council Monday evening on the drought and its affect on the city. Tony Ferenzi who is heading up PCWA’s drought management team shared with the Auburn city Council just how bad the water situation in Placer County and in the rest of Northern California. Many point to Folsom Dam as a gauge for how low can we go. Ferenzi says it is forecast to go below intake levels by midsummer.

            City of Auburn Water Shortage 

PCWA is set to make a declaration of Drought at their February 5th meeting and will be asking customers to cut their water use.

            City of Auburn Water Shortage 

The council was ready to begin immediately. Councilman Dr., Bill Kirby doesn’t not see a need to wait for PCWA’s declaration.

            City of Auburn Water Shortage

PCWA anticipates having specific steps for residents to take to conserve water following their February 20th meeting. You can learn more at PCWA.net.


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