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Placer BOS Hears Drought Report from PCWA

Einar Maisch, Director of Strategic Affairs with the Placer County Water Agency spoke at Tuesday’s Placer County Board of Supervisors meeting to report the Drought Effects on the County. The Supervisors asked about additional water storage in the area and Maisch explained that additional water storage, where economical feasible, has been studied and increases have been made.

            PCWA Water report to BOS 

Maisch stated that water management is a greater issue than additional storage. He says the releases from Folsom Lake have created a potential disaster.

PCWA Water report to BOS 

The county office of emergency services has created a drought task force to reduce water use by the county government offices. The County is reducing water by 20 percent and encourages residents to do the same in compliance with the Governor’s proclamation of a drought emergency in the state. 

PCWA Chart

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