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Nevada City Boardwalk Stays for Now

The Board Walk in Nevada will stay, for now. The Nevada City, City Council voted on a 3 to 1 vote to keep the wood benches and planter boxes along Commercial Street in the historic down town area. First the council needed to declare a negative declaration for an EIR. Councilman Dwayne Strawser says he doesn’t know why the Board Walk is such point of contention. In his surveys the overwhelming majority like the Board Walk.

            Click to hear Councilman Strawser 1

Strawser does see the point of the historic appropriateness of th4 structure but says the Historic design review committee should have covered this point during the Planning stage.

Click to hear Councilman Strawser 2

One of the Council members said she would only vote to keep the board walk if there was another review of the Boardwalk in one year. So the Board walk stays now but the new council will review the board walk again next year.

NC Boardwalk

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