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Petition to Charge Man with Unlawful Taking of Skunks

Animal Rights activists are putting the question to the Placer County D.A. to prosecute the man who admits he lured, trapped, and drown skunks in January of this year. Governor Brown signed AB798 into law January 1 of 2014 which amends the trapping laws in California making it illegal to drown skunks.

It is up to the D.A. to decide if he will prosecute the case. Local activists have set up a petition on-line to encourage the D.A. to prosecute Steve Koltvet with the updates going directly to the Placer County D.A. There could be a fine as much as $1 thousand dollars per animal killed by drowning.

Koltvelt claims he trapped only a few skunks over several years until he began baiting the rodents with peanut butter into his yard to be trapped where he then drown the animals. Koltvelt claims in a recent newspaper article to killing 18 skunks in this manner in January alone. Koltvet claims he was told by animal control that the activity was legal.

You can find the petition to charge Koltvelt at http://www.change.org/petitions/placer-county-district-attorney-prosecute-steve-koltvet-for-the-unlawful-killing-of-skunks


One Response to Petition to Charge Man with Unlawful Taking of Skunks

  1. Diana M Pope Reply

    February 14, 2014 at 8:16 am

    Please prosecute Steven Koltvet to the fullest extent of the law. Not only did he break the law, he did so with great arrogance and pride. His actions were glorified to the citizens of our community, including our children who are most vulnerable. By publicizing his great success in killing these animals, he provided a model for a young people to emulate. It is only right that Mr. Koltvet be prosecuted for his actions, as an example to those who are following this case. In addition, 18 innocent, and harmless, animals died after being lured onto his property, by his own admission. That kind of devaluation of life can not go unpunished. For everyone’s sake, please make the outcome of his actions be an example to all.

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