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Motorcyclist Pulls Knife on CHP

A Grass Valley man pulled a knife on a CHP Officer Saturday following a pursuit. The chase began on ridge Road near Alta Street in Grass Valley when a CHP Officer observed a motorcycle driven at high speed come up behind a vehicle at a stop sign, then swerved to the right and passed the car on the shoulder and sped through the intersection.

The Officer turned on his lights and siren and began to pursue the motorcycle who failed to yield. At one point the officer thought the motorcycles was going to yield but he took off again at a high rate off speed near rough and ready highway. Officer Greg Tassone with the Grass Valley Highway Patrol Office says the stop was finally made near the suspect’s residence near Adams Ave.

            Knife pulled on CHP 1

The officers took out their Tazer weapons and the suspect dropped the knife and was taken into custody without further incident at the scene. Officers took the suspect to the hospital for a medical clearance before being booked in the county Jail and Officer Tassone says the suspect again resisted officers.

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49-year old Robert Patrick Eguina of Grass valley was arrested for a number of felonies including failure to yield and assaulting an officer. Eguina was booked into the Wayne Brown correctional Facility.

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