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PCWA Holds Off on Delivery Restrictions

PCWA Directors of the Placer County Water Agency on Thursday (Feb. 20) agreed to wait a few weeks before deciding if water delivery restrictions will be needed in what continues to be a very dry year. PCWA Deputy Director of Technical Services and drought project manager Tony Firenzi said the last storm brought up our water storage significantly.

                PCWA Holds Off 1

The Board of Directors heard a detailed staff presentation on local water supplies that have improved as a result of the Feb. 6-10 storms.  The wet weather produced 11.4 inches of precipitation at Lake Spaulding.

He noted that a wet weather pattern is shaping up for late February-early March and expressed optimism that more wet weather would ease the drought condition.

                PCWA Holds Off 2

Directors, who declared a drought emergency condition two weeks ago, asked staff to schedule a further review of water supply conditions at the board’s next meeting on Mar. 6.


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