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Rally Opposing Mine Reopening in Nevada County

Residents of North San Juan in Nevada County and other concerned local citizens opposing the North San Juan Mine reopening staged a rally Tuesday in Nevada City on the steps of the Eric Rood Administrative center prior to the regular session of the Nevada County Supervisors meeting. Staff Writer for Nevada County’s Union News Paper Keri Brenner was at the rally and says residents remember all too well what happened the last time the mine started digging for gold.

            San Juan Mine 1

Brenner estimates 200 or so attended the protest, organized by the San Juan Ridge Taxpayers Association and the South Yuba River Citizens League.

The group also delivered 1,300 postcards to the Supervisors that read; “Water is More Precious than Gold”. 

No comment was made by mine operator, San Juan Mining Corporation at the meeting. Supervisor Ed Scolfield says the topic of the Mine was not on the agenda, so no action was taken. Supervisor Scolfield says the well organized group appears to be well out in front of the process as the project has yet to go to the planning commission for any review.


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