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Foresthill Road Repaired Quickly Thanks to Social Media

The use of Social Media was instrumental in getting a county road fixed recently. Placer county Supervisor Jennifer Montgomery uses Social media such as face book as one way to stay in touch wither constituents so when the Supervisor heard the concern of one Foresthill resident regarding a crumbling roadway in her district Montgomery followed up.

Facebook fix 1

Public Works staff reviewed the cracking in the roadway just above the Driver’s Flat area and it appears that it is the result of movement and settlement within the area of a large retaining wall that was installed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) as part of the Foresthill Road Widening Project years ago. 

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The retaining walls are Hilfiker Retaining Walls and they are a flexible, mechanically restrained earth retaining wall system that are designed to be more flexible and move in environments where the natural soil may be moving.  The Sierra Nevada foothill regions are geologically active areas and are subject to movement and settlement and FHWA took this into consideration when they installed these walls as part of their project.  Montgomery credits facebook for the quick response to the situation.

Facebook fix 3

FHWA said that the County should expect with this type of flexible retaining wall system and the geology of the area.

Foresthill Maintenance crew met us on site and said that when the weather dries out, they will fill in the cracks to help seal the road and prevent water infiltration which should help.  We will continue to monitor and watch these cracks and this entire area and if things start to move more rapidly or show signs of potential failure, we will take the appropriate steps necessary.


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