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A 2nd Kidnap Attempt Near Bear River High School

From Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal:

Recently there have been two potential kidnap attempts of children in the Magnolia Road area of Southern Nevada County. The details are as follows:

On March 7th, 2014 at 1623 hours a white or Hispanic male adult driving a black sport utility vehicle attempted to lure a six year old girl into his vehicle under the pretense of needing help finding his dog while the victim was playing in her front yard. When the victim declined to get in the vehicle, the suspect became more insistent and the victim ran back to the house. The suspect left the area in his vehicle.

The victim described the male as being a dark skinned Hispanic or white male in his early forties, with a bald head, a hoop earring in each ear. He was further described as having a “soul patch” and having a powerful voice.

The vehicle is described as a black Toyota 4-Runner with a silver “4-Runner” emblem above the license plate and a shiny paint job. Research indicates Toyota 4-Runners between 2011-2014 have the emblem over the license plate rather than to the side.

On March 13th, 2014 at approximately 1645 hours a male driving a black Dodge Durango approached a sixteen year old juvenile male on East Hacienda Drive. The suspect told the juvenile he needed help finding something. The juvenile told the suspect if he told him what the item was he would keep an eye out. The suspect told the juvenile it did not matter what the item was and ordered him to get into the vehicle. The juvenile jumped into the bushes and called 911 after calling his mother. The suspect left the area in his vehicle.

The vehicle is described as an older Dodge Durango with oxidized paint on the roof and faded black paint. The vehicle had tinted windows, stock wheels and tires, and was not lifted.

The suspect could only be partially seen as the windows were tinted and he only had the window rolled down approximately one inch. The juvenile described his profile as that of a larger male with very short hair or a baldhead. The male also had a deep voice.

Parents please instruct your children on child safety measures. We are asking all parents to be aware of suspicious vehicles in and around the areas where children are present. Please call the Sheriff’s Office at 530.265.7880 if you have any information.


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