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New Shaded Fuel Break Funding for Auburn Area

The Sierra Nevada Conservancy Board last Thursday awarded to the Auburn Fire Department a grant of $157,110 to clear wood fuel on 45 acres in the American River Canyon Shaded Fuel Break.  The grant proposal was put together by Auburn’s Fire Chief mark D’Ambrogi.   Before the vote, Auburn City Councilman Kevin Hanley spoke to the Board.  He told them that if they voted for the grant that he could guarantee them two things.   First, because of our local team’s experience with organizing and managing fuel reduction projects on the Canyon that this would be a highly efficient and safe operation.  Second, Hanley said he has  been working with the Fire Chief to put a maintenance agreement together with State Parks and our Fire Department to put aside some resources each year so that we maintain a portion of the Shaded Fuel Break each year.  Hanley says it is a matter of public safety.

Shaded fuel break 1                       

Hanley also shared that as a community we are committed to this “forever” project to protect our community and firefighters.    The meeting was held in the Department of Agriculture building in downtown Sacramento. 

Kevin hanley

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