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ARD Seeking Public Input on Improvements

The Auburn Area Recreation and Park District (ARD) is seeking public input on aspects of the Operation and Development Plan that is being developed to assist in managing the properties owned by the United States, Bureau of Reclamation (USBR). This Operation and Development Plan will provide ARD with guidelines for managing, developing and maintaining three distinct parks in the Auburn area: 

  • Railhead Park, a 14 acre park featuring two large soccer fields
  • Overlook Park, a 25 acre park featuring the Skate Park and views of the American River Canyon
  • The Canyon View Community Center, an 18,000 sq.ft. building sitting on 38 acres

 More information on these parks can be found on the ARD website at www.auburnrec.com

 Specifically, ARD is interested in hearing from residents regarding possible improvements to be made to these properties. In general, this would include new projects and infrastructure upgrades that would be made in the next 10 years. These may be small improvements (tree plantings or landscaping) or larger projects. As an example of a larger project, ARD is working to receive final approvals to install a new shade structure and small playground at Railhead Park.

 ARD District Administrator Kahl Muscott explained further: “We want to hear from park users and residents. We understand that they will have opinions based on their regular usage of the properties. We highly value these informed opinions.”

 The public has a few different ways to offer their suggestions and comments.

·         Visit ARD’s website at www.auburnrec.com. The website will provide information about the Operation and Development Plan, the parks managed by ARD, and contact information for sharing your thoughts and comments.

·         Email Landscape Architect/Project Manager Pamela Vann at pvann@auburnrec.com or call her at (530) 885-0611 ext. 107.

·         Attend an Acquisition and Development Committee or Board of Directors meeting. Dates and times of those meetings can be found on the ARD website.

Comments are due by Friday, May 16, 2014.

For more information, please contact Pamela Vann at pvann@auburnrec.com or (530) 885-0611 ext. 107.


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