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State Parks Puts Empire Mine Up for Sale

California State Parks has a Gold mine to sell ya. Recent action by a Senate subcommittee of the Legislature recommending the Empire Mine State Historic Park be sold. Due to ongoing contaminated water leaking from the mine into Wolf Creek in Grass Valley, the state is looking to unload the mine, although no asking price for the property is known. The water cleanup alone costs $5 million dollars annually. Grass Valley Mayor Dan Miller says Numont Mining corporation who owns the mining rights to the property is not doing their part.

            Empire Mine sale 1

Miller wants to get the public involved and let our legislators know that our history is at risk.

 Empire Mine sale 2

You can sign the petition to save the Empire Mine State park at the following address.


Empire man

One Response to State Parks Puts Empire Mine Up for Sale

  1. Diana Reply

    May 18, 2014 at 9:48 am

    Is there an effort underway to have the Empire Mine designated as a national historic landmark? I’d think it would qualify given the history and significance of it in CA history. This status I think would save it from a private sale. I certainly don’t profess to know anything about the implications post-historic landmark designation but came as a thought worth pursuing?

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