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Higher Flows Possible on South Yuba River Due to Runoff

Water flows will increase on the South Yuba River today as recent rains and snowmelt fill Lake Spaulding and causes water to spill,  Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) said today.

Those recreating in or near this portion of the river are encouraged to use extra caution during the increased flows of cold water.

 It is normal to spill Lake Spaulding in the spring as wet weather and snowmelt swell streams feeding into the Nevada County reservoir.  However, this  spill should be short lived due to dry conditions.  The downstream water will be captured at other reservoirs that provide hydropower and water for farms and residences.

On Thursday the current flows of about 20 cubic feet per second (cfs) could increase to about 200 or 300 cfs from below Langs Crossing downstream to Bridgeport, a distance of about 25 miles, before the water empties into Englebright Reservoir.  On Friday flows will likely increase to a range of 400 to 500 cfs.  Sometime next week, flows will return to 20 cfs  when inflow and outflow at Lake Spaulding stabilizes.

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