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Public Encouraged to Weigh in on Auburn Sewer Rate Increase

The Auburn City Council approved by, resolution Monday night, a preliminary sewer rate analysis and directed staff to give notice of a sewer rate increase pursuant to Proposition 218.

The city of Auburn is proposing to increase sewer rates to maintain, repair and upgrade the sewer system needed for proper operations and regulatory compliance, and to meet operational and capital requirements. Auburn’s Public Works Director Bernie Schroeder says the City would like the public to participate in the process.

            Auburn sewer rates up 1

The City also researched the fee charged to restaurants and using a new formula, restaurants it he city will be paying less in sewer fees.

           Auburn sewer rates up 2

The proposed charges are for fiscal year 2014-15 and further increases are proposed for each year through 2018-19. The public is encouraged to attend the June 23rd Council meeting at 6pm in City Council Chambers at 1225 Lincoln way the council will hold a public hearing on sewer rate increases.

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