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Marc Klass Bringing Print-a-thon to Grass Valley

The father of Polly Klaas (Marc Klaas) announces a KLAAS KIDS PRINT-A-THON

WHAT: KlaasKids Foundation Child Safety Programs are designed to promote awareness and education for parents and children in an effort to protect children against violence.

WHY: Following the kidnap and murder of his daughter Polly Klaas in 1993, in California, Marc Klaas formed the KlaasKids Foundation, a nonprofit organization that partners with concerned citizens, the private sector, law enforcement agencies and local, state and federal legislators to develop ways to safeguard our children against violence.

This program is always free to the public (and you can also order your Child ID Kit free online).

Parents are encouraged to bring children to the Grass Valley Fire Department between 10am – 3pm on Saturday May 10th to take advantage of this free service and receive their Print-a-thon kit.  Nationally recognized child safety expert Marc Klass, will attend and participate in the Print-a-thon event at the Grass Valley Fire Department at 213 Sierra College Drive in Grass Valley. Klass says the kit includes fingerprinting and photograph ID without data basing children’s personal and private information. For more information call 530-273-5166.

SPECIAL EQUIPMENT: The KlaasKids Foundation employs state of the art equipment ordinarily developed for Federal Law Enforcement Agencies. The Sentry Kids SK3000 is a high-tech computerized system that fingerprints and photographs your children without the use of ink or film. Delivers the highest quality product available and capture and magnify viable prints from children as young as three months old. KlaasKids Foundation coordinator will answer child safety questions and distribute child and parent safety information, instructions on how to collect and store D.N.A. samples from your child without an expensive kit! Don’t miss out on this rare and unique opportunity. This unique opportunity is made available through the efforts of the KlaasKids Foundation and your local sponsors.



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