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Supervisorial Candidate Comes out Swinging

Candidate for District 2 Supervisor Regy Bronner, running against Incumbent Supervisor Robert Weygandt has come out swinging saying in a news release Tuesday that Placer County is not well managed, and not as fiscally strong or safe as the current incumbent portrays it to be. Bronner, a Navy submarine veteran and retired business executive, running for Placer County Supervisor in District 2 says one issue he has with they ways things are being run currently is the building in the next 1 to 5 years of 5 to 10 thousand new homes in the district. 

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Incumbent Supervisor Weygandt responded to Mr. Bronner’s comments on the lack of planning. 

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Bronner contends the county’s critical lack of water needs to be addressed before any building takes place. 

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Supervisor Weygandt says this is grossly inaccurate and again long term planning has addressed the issue. 

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The News Release follows:

Placer County is not well managed,  and not as fiscally strong or safe as the current incumbent portrays it to be,” charged Regy Bronner, a Navy submarine veteran and retired business executive running for Placer County Supervisor (District 2).

In fact, Bronner said incumbent Robert Weygandt is misleading the public just to get elected.

“The claims of the incumbent that everything is rosy here are untrue. Many local cities are broke, and I’m concerned about the flood of convicts heading back here through realignment, which the supervisors have ignored. That’s frightening,” said Bronner, a Lincoln Hills resident.

Regarding jobs, Bronner explained that “More hires at less money has meant a deeper struggling county economy. Living wage jobs are scarce in this county where the two largest industries are health services and retail. The Board of Supervisors and the incumbent’s tenure are marked with a continuing inability to attract meaningful and living wage job for literally years. Low wage jobs ultimately hurt the county.”

Bronner said the incumbent is “touting a lie” when he refers to the “Sunset Industrial Area” for jobs.

“He has failed miserably in this area for 10 years. Any idea of future success now has to deal with the county’s critical lack of water and a trained technical workforce. It is a “shell” with no substance.”

Bronner also criticized the supervisors, and his opponent specifically, for not embracing realignment, which is returning about 800 convicts to Placer County to finish out their sentences.

“I find it frightening as a Placer County resident that there is no real program for an inmate’s community reentry, or enough beds in the old or new jails. $105 million was spent on the new jail but the bed solution was missed entirely.  We continue to release the returning convicts on the county without any support mechanism in place. Why is that not important,” Bronner said.

Finally, Bronner doubted Weygandt’s claim that he is concerned about the environment. “He wants to ‘streamline’ the environmental review process. That means he wants to limit the people’s input on construction and other projects, which benefits his friends who contribute heavily to his election. bit will certainly lead to abuses to our community’s environment here. It’s also another example of a lack of transparency at the county level,” said Bronner.

The retired business executive and military veteran said his goals are finding jobs and good healthcare for returning war veterans, maintaining the quality of life in his district, holding the line on taxes, and increasing transparency in government, to combat “threats to the quality of life here being ignored or mismanaged,” said Bronner.



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