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Deceased Identified from Folsom Lake

On Friday morning (May 16,2014) the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office was advised that a body of a male adult was found in Folsom Lake, by State Park Personnel. The El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office responded to Folsom Lake and met with State Park personnel. The Sheriff’s Office has initiated a coroner’s investigation to determine the identity of the individual and his cause of death. An update will be forthcoming as soon as further information is available.

May 17, 2014 UPDATE : The El Dorado Sheriff/Coroner’s Office has identified the body of the individual recovered from Folsom Lake yesterday as 47 year old James Andrew Strauch, one of the four missing boaters from last Saturdays boating accident being investigated by California State Park Rangers. The cause of his death has yet to be determined.

May 17, 2014 UPDATE: Just before 1:00pm Saturday afternoon (May 17, 2014) the Sheriff’s dispatch center received a call advising that the caller had discovered a body floating in Folsom Lake. The caller advised she was on a boat in Folsom Lake northeast of the dam and could see the body floating in the water. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the location and recovered the body. While this was going on California State personnel discovered another body floating in the lake. State personnel recovered the body. The Sheriff’s/Coroner Office responded to the area and initiated an investigation to determine their identities and the cause of their deaths.

The deceased have been identified as 54 year old Toby Strauch, and 53 year old Gerald Jacobs. Both of the men had earlier been reported as two of the four men that were aboard the boat that was involved in the accident on Folsom Lake last Saturday. There cause of death has yet to be determined.

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