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Have You Seen This El Dorado Teen?

On Tuesday, June 3, 2014,  just before 7am, a Placerville residential treatment facility reported 16-year-old resident, Amy Richards, was missing.

Amy was last seen at the group home facility in Placerville at approximately 2 am. It is unknown what time she left as she had stuffed her bed to make it appear she was in the bed asleep. The window screen had been removed from her bedroom window and left under her roommate’s bed. Amy left a note advising this and saying she had planned to leave and that she would be safe, however Amy had no money and no cell phone. Amy had just been released from the hospital days earlier for severe anorexia. She has been refusing her medication and had recently lost more weight. It was likely she was going to be readmitted into the hospital.  Amy also suffers from anxiety, depression and has a history of cutting.

Amy Richards 2

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