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Is 55% of the Vote Underwhelming?

The Statewide Direct Primary Election votes have not even been confirmed but the political mudslinging has begun. In the race for U.S. Assembly District 4, incumbent Congressman Tom McClintock has a comfortable lead to move onto the November election but his opponent Art Moore’s campaign manager Jeff Wyly says McClintock’s 55% of the vote is underwhelming. Congressman McClintock appearing on the Morning News on AM950 KAHI with Casey Freelove responded to the remarks.

            McClintock response 1               

The Congressman appreciates the support and says the voters have spoken.

            McClintock response 2                

California election law allows 28 days for the conduct of the official canvass. The election canvass process is an internal audit and is required by state law to ensure the accuracy of election results.

Tom McClintock

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