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Auburn City Council

It was a packed room at last nights Auburn City Council Meeting, where council members voted four to one in favor of the Sewer Assessment increase.

Bernie Schroeder, Director of Public Works in Auburn, said that the 4-5% annual increase for five years in Auburn City Limits is necessary to keep up with vehicle maintenance, sewer plant maintenance, and delivery system upgrades.

Schroeder also said that the average single-family rate increase should be an added $3.44 per month.
“We are at a pay as we go with out steady increases, so it could be difficult if there is a maintenance problem down the road” Schroeder said. She also added that “right now, we are dipping heavily into our reserves”.

Several community members approached podium to address their concerns to the committee during the public hearing. Matt Spokely of Auburn said that he would potentially see an increase of 25%.

Tom Sparks, another Auburn resident, has lived in the Skyridge subdivision for the past 30 years said it will be a financial hardship because he is living on a limited income with his Social Security and pension.

Schroeder said that she received 131 letters protesting the sewer rate increase from many residents who are on a fixed income like Sparks.

Auburn Mayor Bridget Power asked that there be a reevaluation at the end of the first year and that the rate increase can be revoked then.City Council 2

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