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Left Over Trash Is A Bears Best Friend

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The bears are out of hibernation and scrounging for food, especially in trashcans, and what a tasty feast a leftover barbecue can be for the hungry giants.  Summer is here and it’s time to be bear aware.

Residents on Sylvan Vista had the perfect photo op with a visit from a California black bear.  Resident Tony Ivans said that his dog Tucker, a 12pound terrier,  chased it out of their front yard and up giant pine tree. 


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The bear weighed approximately 400 pounds and stood about 7 feet tall.  He was out in the middle of the day looking for his second meal in this quite neighborhood.  Earlier Wednesday morning he rummaged through as many trashcans as he could find, feasting on whatever he could.  This gentle giant is no stranger to residents in this part of Auburn, as he has already filled his belly with leftover trash a few times since Spring.

Ann Bryant, executive director with BEAR LEAGUE out of Tahoe said that when encountering a bear at your home, remain calm but it’s okay to establish dominance.

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“You want to be dominant and territorial, and let him know he is not welcomed, and if you encounter one in the wild, be respectful, don’t approach him and especially DO NOT RUN from him,” Bryant said.

Bryant suggests to keep food and smells away.  If you can smell food or trash, so can a bear, and they will get to it.

Bryant said the Bear League wants to educate people on bears, and it only takes a little bit of understanding.  To get more information on being bare aware and for other tips, visit http://www.savebears.org  or call Bear League’s 24 hour help line at 530-525-PAWS (7297)

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