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Roseville Kids Fire Camp is Hot This Week!

Roseville Fire Department are lending their professional skills to some future hopeful firefighters in the Roseville Kids Fire Camp.

The six day camp is open to kids ages 11 to 16, who applied for the program with a written 1 page letter on why they want to become a firefighter.  The experience is to treat the campers as if they are going through a real job application process.

A total of 36 kids are taking part in this year’s camp, which has been available on and off since 2002.

The camp is sponsored and run by Roseville Fire personnel who volunteer their time because they want to see kids to grow up to be firefighters.

“We send the campers through all the same training scenarios that we do in our own 18 week program” Joe Lapena said. Lapena is a Roseville firefighter/paramedic and this year’s camp coordinator.

Each day camp participants took part in different training activities including a swift water rescue on Thursday at the American River Confluence, a practice burn room that is safe and supervised, and the students even got to repel down a six story tower.   During the camp, the junior firefighters are trained in real life situations that include administering  first-aid to a pretend car crash victim, and a vehicle extrication.

Second time camp attendee, 13 yr old Bethany Brooding, is hoping to turn her adventures from this week and last year into a career one day as she has her sights set on becoming a firefighter.

The Kids Fire Camp is full this year and will wrap up on Saturday with a graduation and a party.  Next year’s application process will start in March and fills up quickly.


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