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Keeping Your Pets Safe On The 4th

Fourth of July celebrations may be fun for you, but the popping, crackling and booming of fireworks can be terrifying for you pets.  The best thing a pet owner can do is keep your animals inside and be sure to eliminate any escape route for them.  Even mellow animals may try to dart out of the house if scared by fireworks.

The biggest problem Placer County SPCA encounters are animals without any form of identification.  The most helpful aid in finding your scared pet is proper identification or microchiping your pet, which will help in reuniting your pet with its family.  If someone finds an animal, take the pet to a local veterinarian or animal shelter so they can be scanned for a microchip.

If they do not have a microchip, Placer County residents should contact all of our local animal shelters (Placer County Animal Services in Auburn, Rocklin Animal Facility in Rocklin and Placer SPCA headquartered in Roseville) and provide a detailed description of the animal. Post the found animal on your local Craigslist, in your local newspaper, on social media and on any other lost/found websites.

If someone has lost their dog, they should:

  1. Immediately put out food, water and your dog’s bed or an article of your clothing at the location where your dog was last seen. There is a good chance that your dog may return.
  2. Get the word out by using flyers and signs (like yard sale signs) with a picture of your dog and your phone number. Be sure to check your messages often! Go door-to-door with your flyers in the neighborhood where your dog was last seen.
  3. Contact your local animal shelters and animal control facilities and veterinary clinics to report your missing pet. Fax or email them a photo of them and include your contact information.
  4. Instruct everyone that is helping you to NOT call or chase your animal. This can prolong your search. If anyone sees your animal, they should gently toss a tasty treat to lure them in.


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