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Three Rocklin Teens Not Charged In Whitney High School Threat

No charges were filed against Whitney High School students arrested in relation to alleged threats of campus violence.

On Wednesday, Rocklin Police Department determined that no criminal charges will be filed against Justin Herrmann, 18, of Rocklin or against the two juveniles also arrested in the case. This decision is based on an analysis of applicable law and the evidence obtained from the investigation conducted by Rocklin Police Department detectives.

The three Whitney High students were arrested on May 29 after a rumor circulated the campus that the three students were making violent threats against the school and students.

A Police school resource officer and other police personnel reportedly identified an Instagram profile created in April that read “Whitney High School new world order 5/30/14.”

In order to be convicted of a threat on a school or on another person, the District Attorney’s Office must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Mr. Hermann or the juveniles possessed a criminal intent in that they intended that the treat be taken seriously and that it was intended to place others in fear. A review of the evidence clearly indicates that none of the individuals possessed any such intent.


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