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Truck Stolen in Foreshill Leads Police on Chase In Auburn

A male suspect is under arrest and was taken Placer County Jail in Auburn after a vehicle pursuit took place.

Michael David Johnson, 18, of Sacramento, reportedly stole a pickup from a residence off Todd Valley Road in Foresthill and drove it to Auburn.

A Placer County Sheriff’s officer spotted the truck on Interstate 80 heading West bound from the Foresthill Road Exit.  Johnson then exited off of Maple Street where he ditched the vehicle and took off on foot.  A parameter was set up in search of the suspect but authorities did not immediately locate him.

A second parameter was set up with the assistance of Auburn PD at Ophir Road and I-80. The search began by Auburn PD and PCSO for the suspect who was reported wearing  only long black shorts.  He was seen running up a ravine towards Welty lane.   Police quickly surrounded the area and the suspect was caught and taken into custody.

Earlier in the day, reports from the victims family member who owns the truck, a Chevy S10, said the truck was stolen from their yard.  When the owners of the truck were called out to the scene, they discovered that the suspect had crashed the S10 pick-up and it was not drivable.  According to the owner, he has worked hard to provide for his family, and the theft of his truck disrupts his commute to work and creates a financial burden.

Johnson is being held without bail.

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