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Two Men Arrested In Rocklin for Stealing Baby Loaf’s


Tillamook Cheese Company Baby Loaf fleet/photo curtsey of Tillamook

On Saturday, three vibrantly painted orange vintage Volkswagen mini buses,  and also the truck and trailer they were loaded on were stolen from the Hampton Inn Parking Lot in Manteca.   The brightly colored orange caravan belonged to the famous Tillamook Cheese Company.

The classic VW buses, called Baby Loaf’s by Tillamook, were on a public relations trip for the Oregon cheese company when they were taken from the parking lot sometime between between 12:30am and 6:30am The company has a fleet of the pint size VW bus that are used in sales promotions tours across the United States.  The tour in Manteca with the Tillamook groupies was halted for five days while the vans were missing.

On Sunday, at approximately 12:30am, the Ford F350 and trailer, was found in Jamestown, but with extensive fire damage.  Jamestown is approximately one hour away from where they were stolen in Manteca.

Late Monday night, police recovered the missing three mini buses from a storage unit in Copperopolis after receiving a tip.

Just after 12:00pm on Tuesday, two men were arrested in Rocklin who are charged in connection with theft of all five vehicles.

38-year-old Ryan Monaco and 32-year-old Brian Lancaster, both from Sacramento, were arrested without incident in Rocklin during a traffic stop.

Each bright orange bus is valued at $100,000 and were not damaged during the theft.

Tillamook was offering a $10,000 reward for their return and it is unknown if the person who tipped off the police will be receiving the reward.

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