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Road Improvements On Interstate 80 Mean Traffic Delays

Caltrans is warning drivers of possible delays on two stretches of  Interstate 80 in Sacramento and Placer Counties.  In Placer County, The Raise 80 project will be starting up in August but preparations are underway now.

Caltrans will begin work to raise the vertical clearance of nine structures in Placer County that cross Interstate 80. The over crossings include eight vehicle bridges and one railroad trestle from the Brace Road over crossing in Loomis to the Magra Road over crossing east of Colfax.

CalTrans has begun the re-striping of the lanes in preparation for the beginning of the construction project. Initially, motorists can expect delays from 8 p.m. to 9 a.m. until this Sunday.

The vertical clearance of these structures is being raised to 16-feet 6-inches to meet current standards that improve access on I-80 through the Sierra for interstate commerce and national security. Six structures will be raised using a complex system of jacks and reconstruction, while the roadway under the remaining three structures will be dug down to create the required clearance.  Motorists should expect delays and be aware that road closures and detours are planned during the construction.

Work will begin for Raise 80 in August and go through the fall of 2015.

The Sacramento project begins a year-long construction project Saturday.

The Across the Top project will begin on Saturday and could add 10-15 minute delays.

In Sacramento four-mile stretch of eastbound I-80 will be narrowed from three lanes to two lanes from the Sacramento/Yolo County line to approximately West El Camino Avenue.

The project benefits will provide congestion relief by improving overall traffic flow and mobility on this section of I-80.  It will also help Metropolitan Transportation Plan that includes improving the overall air quality for the region by promoting ride sharing programs and the use of regional transit routes.

Motorists in the right lane will have full access to ramps throughout the entire project. Eastbound traffic will be shifted onto the three newly-constructed interior lanes for about nine miles all the way to Watt Avenue. The reconfiguration will also enable Caltrans to repave 10 miles of eastbound I-80 between the Sacramento/Yolo County to Watt Avenue, a stretch of freeway that takes a pounding from more than 130,000 vehicles on average every day.

As in all construction zones, the speed limit will be reduced from 65 to 55 mph in the work zone and traffic fines will be doubled.

To find out more about Raise 80 go to www.raise80.com

And to find out more about www.Acrossthetop.com


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