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Mayor Bridget Powers Enters The Race, Again.

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The deadline for candidates filing for office for the November 4th General Elections are just a few days away, and the Placer County Clerk Recorder Register of Voters office is looking for some people to fill up spots on the ballot. Incumbents must file their paperwork by August 8th.  If an incumbent fails to file the necessary paperwork, the candidate-filing period for that office extends to August 13th.

Candidates need to live within the district in which they file, and if they move in that same day, they qualify to run in that district.

Placer County voter registration is 10-12 % higher than the rest of the state.  Right now there is a 60% countywide registered. During the last presidential elections, the voter rate was at 90%.

Many of the voters are considered youth, who registered  through the High School Voter outreach program or the Motor Voter, which is done through the DMV during the driver’s license application process.

There are 90 seats up for election this year, including Auburn City Council seats.  New comers Matt Spokely and Daniel Berlant have filed paper work early, along with Auburn City Councilman Mike Holmes.

Friday Mayor Bridget Powers filed her paperwork for re-election for her third term.  Mayor Powers along with a group of supporters and friends, made her bid official for 2014 elections with the required paperwork and swearing in process.

“I want to continue on with the work that has been done over the past 8 years being the street scape plan that is a 10 phase plan, and we have only gotten to three phases.  We also lost the Redevelopment area, and I would like to do what’s possible to make that work,” Powers said.

Powers feels that there are huge obstacles coming up including the unfunded pension obligations that will cost the city $726,000

Powers refers to Auburn as a huge community with a lot of volunteerism. Powers feels that volunteerism is one of the pride and joys of the community.  She has a vision for promoting Auburn through tourism that will help increase the business revenue.

Powers has been passionate about the Airport Business park Association since the beginning and feels that the work has only just begun out there.

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