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Two More Arrests Have Been Made From Craigslist Ads.

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Placer County Sheriff’s detectives have been catching sexual predators via ads placed on Craigslist Sacramento site.  In some cases, the detectives have placed ads, and in other cases, they have responded to ads.  Sexual predators seeking young victims on this site are not just the typical citizen, in some cases they are also state employees.

A Federal Employee of Homeland Security has been arrested in connection with an undercover sting operation that alleges he used a Craigslist ad in the “Casual Encounters” section of the Sacramento website soliciting sex with a mother and a child.

George Hristovski, 54, of Elverta, was booked into Sacramento County Jail on Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.  A PCSO Detective conducted an investigation after a suspicious ad appeared on Craigslist in the “Casual Encounters” section of the Sacramento area part of the website where Hristovski was seeking a promiscuous relationship between a mother and daughter.

The PCSO detective posed as a 13-year-old girl responding to the ad to which Hristovski responded.  During their investigation PSCO decided to turn the case over to the FBI authorities after discovering Hristovski was an employee with Homeland Security.

This latest arrest is approximately the sixth since February involving the online sting operation of the website.

Also on Monday, another arrest was made. This one involving a Placerville man who placed an ad on the same website, looking for a young girl to be his “sex pet.”  Shawn Michael Roediger, 26 was arrested by PCSO detectives  without incident.

Charges against Roediger include attempted lewd and lascivious acts with a child, communicating with a minor for purposes of committing a sexual act, and distributing harmful matter to a minor.

Roediger’s bail is set at $100,000 and as of Thursday, the suspect remains in Placer County Jail.  His first court appearance is scheduled for August 13 in Department 44 in Roseville.

Back on July 1st, 48-year-old Tim Nosa, a scientist for the Department of Fish and Wildlife, used Craigslist to arrange a meeting with a 13-year-old girl for sex.  Nosa tried to meet the fictitious teen at Ashford Park on his lunch break.  When he arrived at the park, instead of a teen girl, PCSO deputies were there to greet the State of California employed scientist, and arrested him on the spot for intent to have a sexual relationship with a minor.  Nosa also posted bail which was $100,000.

Officers have been using the website to catch Internet predators seeking inappropriate relations with minors.  One such suspect agreed to meet a teen at the Placer County Jail.  Daniel Eugene Kirschner, 28, of Auburn was arrested for the same crimes on July 9th, just days after Nosa’s arrest.  Kirschner made arrangements to meet with the teen in the parking lot of the jail where she was supposedly waiting for her mother who was appearing in court.  The detectives walked Krischner into jail.

Internet safety is a concern for parents. The best way for a parent to help avoid situations like these are to monitor or limit Internet use.  For tips on internet safety, visit www.cyber-safety.com

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