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Back To School Already!


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Back To School Already!

It’s a holiday for Moms and Dads who have school age kids with the unofficial “Parent’s Freedom Day”.

School starts in most schools in the county this week and many kids are nervous, entering the classroom for the first time.  There are also plenty of kids that are excited to see friends they haven’t seen over the summer.

This year, there are two new principals entering middle schools in Auburn for the first time, so the feeling might be mutual.

During the 2013/14 school year, E.V. Cain Principal Randy Ittner announced he was leaving the Auburn middle school for a new position as Principal at Forest Hill High School.  With that announcement, came the search to fill the position.

Cindy Giove, will take over as Principal starting today.  Giove spent the past three years as the Assistant Principal for Marina Village Middle School in El Dorado Hills.

Cindy Giove will leave her post to be the Principal at E.V. Cain: STEM, Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math, focused Charter Middle School in the Auburn Union School District.  Giove brings with her 16 years of classroom experience. Working in the STEM system is new for Giove, but the educator is ready to take on the challenge.  Giove’s plans include continue enriching the existing educational environment that E.V. Cain already has.

Giovi lives in the Newcastle area, and working in the community where she lives will give her the opportunity to connect more with her students. Three new teachers are also joining Giovi at E.V. Cain this year.

Across town, at Bowman Charter School, Superintendent/Principal Gary Yee has changed his position to just focus on Superintendent of Bowman.  The new job description gives Yee the time to focus on other job related responsibilities.

Moving into the new principal spot is Kelly Graham.  Bowman’s newest staff member has 30 years experience in educational instruction.  Graham is making the move from Olympus Junior High School in Granite Bay.
 “Bowman has an excellent reputation and I am looking forward to seeing what I am can add to that, and I am also looking forward to seeing the kids too” Graham said.

Running a Charter will be a new experience, but the educator is up for the challenge. 
“I like new challenges, life is about challenges “ Graham said.   He also said that the one school and one school district will add a unique quality to his new position.

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