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Early Morning Fire In American Canyon


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Early Morning Fire In American Canyon

Leftover fire hoses and the smell of freshly charred brush are what remains on a hillside after two separate early Tuesday morning fires that started on Lower Lake Clementine Road.

Cal Fire was called out to the blazes at 1:15 a.m. on the rim of the canyon after it was spotted by the California Highway Patrol helicopter.  Each fire was approximately ¼ of an acre.

Cal Fire Battalion Chief Chris Paulus said that during yesterday’s thunderstorm activity, there were no reported lightening strikes in the area and that last night’s fire activity looks suspicious.  A fire on the heavily wooded steep grade of the canyon could have potentially been a challenge to battle but since they were located adjacent to the road, firefighters were able to knock them down quickly.

There have been three reported unexplained fires in the American Canyon over the past few months.

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