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Local Gas Prices Are Down, For Now



Extra Pennies For Your Piggy Bank

Gas prices are dipping down, so it might be time to hit the road for one last summer vacation.

According to AAA Northern California monthly gas survey, gas prices have fallen .23 cents from a month ago.  Today’s state average is at $3.91 per gallon.

Gasbuddy.com is reporting that Auburn’s gas prices are even lower at $3.71, specifically at Flyers Gas Station.

In Downtown, Rowdy Randy’s is selling their regular Unleaded gas for $3.79 for cash purchases. Premium unleaded is priced at $3.97.

Over the Fourth of July, gas prices were up to nearly $4.00 throughout town. Typically the gas prices are at the highest for the year in July.

One year ago the average price per gallon of fuel in Sacramento was $3.76.

The price of gasoline could rise with the upcoming Labor Day weekend as they generally rise during holiday weekends.