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Two Men On Motorcycles Die In Accident

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Two Men On Motorcycles Die In Accident

Candles, flowers and a note with a picture of an angel and the words “you will be missed” were left on Antelope Road near Watt Avenue after two deaths Friday night.  Zachary Kirk, 23 from Roseville and Jason McQuay, 29, from Rio Linda were riding their motorcyclists on Antelope Road when they both crashed into a Jeep.

CHP says Kirk and McQuay were going over 80 miles per hour at the time of the crash, and that one of them performed a “wheelie.”   While the motorcyclists were making a left turn at a high rate of speed, the two collided with the SUV.

CHP says the driver of the jeep was a grandmother who had her two grandsons in the SUV at the time of the crash.

Both of the motorcyclists died  at the scene of the accident.  The Passengers in the jeep were treated for minor cuts.

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