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Three Robbery Suspects Caught, One Still At Large

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At 6:50 on Wednesday, Placer County sheriff’s deputies arrested three Bay Area burglary suspects and are seeking a fourth after the group stole a large amount of baby formula from the north Auburn Bel Air store Wednesday evening.

It appears the suspects were stealing formula and other expensive items, totaling $6,000, from Reno to the Bay Area.

The two women and two men entered the supermarket on Highway 49, and were observed filling duffel bags with baby formula.

As a store employee attempted to intercept them, one male suspect fled out the front doors with a bag of stolen merchandise. Two employees chased the first male suspect, but stopped when he crossed Highway 49. The duffel bag full of formula was recovered when the man dropped it.

The other 3 suspects dumped merchandise in various aisles before they fled outside to a blue sedan.

Deputies swarmed the area and citizens pointed them to the blue sedan which was parked behind a building on Kemper Road.  A deputy spotted the two female suspects run from the car and  he quickly detained them.

The male suspect ran in a different direction.  About two hours later, suspect Damon Yon Marcus Nash, 24, of Hayward, was located walking along Highway 49, near Live Oak Lane. He was taken into custody without incident.

The suspects’ vehicle held 160 stolen items, the majority of which were large containers of baby formula.

Charday Mariah Monique Brown, 18, of Hayward, Torryiel Gayla Griggs, 20, of Oakland, and Nash were booked at the Placer County Jail on charges of commercial burglary and conspiracy.  Griggs also had a burglary warrant from Alameda County.

Detectives are still looking for the fourth suspect.

As of Thursday afternoon, all three suspects were still in custody.

Brown’s bail is set at  $20,000.

Nash’s bail is set  $20,000.

Griggs is not eligible for bail due to a previous warrant.

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