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Two Arrested for Meth and ID Theft

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Seven people were arrested on Wednesday who where believed to be involved in a drug sale and identity theft ring.

Two of the arrested were taken into custody in Roseville when Roseville Police Officers pulled over a car with two occupants were suspected of drug dealing.  During the search of the car, officers came across evidence of methamphetamine, stolen checks, and fake ID cards.

Carlos Aranda, 32, and Gilbert Cayton, 38, were both arrested at the scene and taken to Placer County Jail.

After searching the vehicle in Roseville, officers went to the suspects house in Sacramento to continue their investigation.  Six additional people were arrested at the home where more evidence of meth sales and identity theft was discovered.

Information belonging to roughly 100 victims, including forged ID cards, credit cards, and materials that helped the suspects create fraudulent checks were recovered.

As of Saturday, both Aranda and Cayton were still listed as in custody in the Placer County Jail.

Bail is set at $50,000 for each Aranda, and Cayton .


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