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Water Reduction In Roseville Helps Save Money


The City of Roseville said citizens have taken significant conservation measures to help save water the past year during one of the worst droughts in history.

Roseville residents and businesses have dramatically decreased their water consumption by 18.2 percent since 2013.

The city recently announced mandatory water use restrictions of 20 percent for its residential and commercial water customers.  But residents went beyond the drought restrictions on conservations by taking advantage of enticing programs within Roseville including the Cash for Grass program.

The program offered to rebate customers 50 cents per square foot of turf replaced up to a maximum of $1,000 at each site.  Customers who signed up for the program were asked to document their living grass in March with a photograph and then submit a photograph of their dead grass as proof they followed their program requirement. After proof of a dead lawn was submitted, a rebate was offered by the city.

City staffers are encouraged that programs are working because they are seeing an increase in participation in the rebate programs.

Other rebates include exchanging lower-efficiency toilets and washing machines for a number of cash rebates.  Other incentives urge the replacement of outdated, less efficient hardware.


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