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7-Year-Old Boy Shot in Chest at Shooting Range in Georgetown


A 7-year-old Bay Area boy is in the hospital after a target shooting accident.  The boy was shooting a .22 caliber bold action youth rifle with the help of his father at a private target range in Georgetown when a ricochet from another gun struck they boy in the chest. 

None of the family members noticed any ricochets while target shooting and according to an El Dorado Police press release, and the guns were always pointed down-range.   At some point, the boy grabbed his chest and complained of pain. His father then checked him over and noticed he had a small hole in his shirt, and was bleeding from his chest.

He was taken to the Georgetown fire station, where he was flown to a hospital in Sacramento.

Family members constructed the target range on their own property for personal use.

El Dorado County detectives have been assigned to the case to investigate how the boy got hurt.

The child’s medical condition is unknown.

Last week in Arizona, a 9-year-old mistakenly shot and killed her 39-year-old instructor using an Uzi automatic weapon while at a target range.


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